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  1. 89 c1500 .looking to lower the front 5.0 inches .can I use a 2 spindle with a 3 spring ? If I include the upper control arm can it still be aligned ? Can I still use a 15 wheel if I grind the lower control arm .my trk is a standard cab short bed . Any info wld be great .thanks

    • John,

      Yep, yep and yep! First make sure you use spindle part number DS2055-2! That’s for the 88-91 Std. Cab! Now, it gets dicey alignment and ride quality wise when you use the 3″ coil spring. But you can do it and still align if your truck is in perfect shape;) Probably not, but try anyway, you won’t be too far off and add the upper arm if you need to! Yes you will need to grind away some material from your factory lower control arm to keep your wheels from making contact in very sharp turns (think parking lots) but it’s not a big deal either. So your good to go! Send me a picture!!


  2. i have a 2003 chevy trailblazer with worn bushings on lower control arm. if i go with your lowering kit will those bushing be included or need to be purchased separately?

    • Bobby,

      Our parts modify the where the strut mounts to the factory lower arm. That means we don’t have bushings which will fit in the factory arm. Your best source for anything Trailblazer the TBSS Owners forum Check them out!!

      DJM Tech

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