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1970 F100 Drop

Submitted on 2011/05/03 at 11:14 pm

I am having a little problem and hope you can help, I have approx a 1970 f100 short wheel base truck which has had a later model disc brake front end put on it. I wish to purchase the DJM lowering kit dream beams, spring hangers, shocks etc but I am not sure which kit to buy as I’m not sure if the diameter of the kingpins changes in the later models.
also does DJM ship to Australia


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As long as your F-100 has a 1/2 ton front end (5-lug) it doesn’t matter king pin wise when ordering our Drop I beams. The difference in the king pins for the F-100 are drum vs disc brakes and that difference is not diameter but length and location of the locking bolt.

And yes we can ship to Australia, we have many times and very often they are drop parts for old Ford F-100′s! Please contact us directly at

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