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2001 Ford SVT Lighting

Submitted on 2011/09/22 at 5:28 pm

2001 Ford F150 SVT Lightning

I currently have a Hotchkis Suspension Total Vehicle System (TVS) installed: 1.5″ lowering springs up front and 2.5″ lowering leaf springs in the rear, with front and rear anti-sway bars. I would like a bit more of a lower stance. I would like to install a set of your upper (CA3097U) and 2″ drop lower control arms (CA3097L-4), as well as your 2″ drop shackles (SH3097-2) for a 3.5″ front and 4.5″ rear drop. I already have an alignment kit but I also need a shim kit and a bump stop kit. Now for the questions: 1) Are the part numbers above correct and do you recommend something different or in addition to? 2) Which shim and bump stops do you recommend and part numbers? 3) Is there anything that I am forgetting?


Submitted on 2011/09/27 at 1:39 pm | In reply to Will.


We have no practical experience with the Hotchkis system (they have a great reputation) so I am giving you my best guess. I don’t think (but can’t guarantee) you would have any problems using our upper and lower control arms with the Hotchkis parts. You would see an additional 2″ drop and be able to align the front end and have a pretty hot set up! On the rear, the shackles would be no problem, and I don’t think you would probably have to fool around with shims or bump stops (again I can’t be absolutely sure). If you do we can address those as they occur.

Here is a link to the parts at our factory store

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