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3 or 4 Inches from a Shackle/Hanger Kit?

To: DJM Suspension <>

I just wanted to know if your lowering shackles and hangers kit says its for 4 inch drop but can it adjust to 3 inches part number HS 1130-4… thank your for your time


2011/02/18 at 7:39 pm


Most shackles have at least 2 sets of holes in them. Typically the holes farthest apart give you a two inch drop and the other hole would provide a one inch drop. Combine with the two inches of drop usually associated with drop hangers and you can get either 3 or 4 inches. Some hangers have multiple holes in them for even more adjustment.

Your Kit # HS1130-4 has the ability to be set to 3″ as well as 4″!

DJM Tech

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