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3/5 Not Enough!

Submitted on 2011/05/26 at 5:02 pm

I have a 2006 f150 that is lowered 3/5 drop now with lowering control arms and a flip kit i am fixing to lower it 2 more inchs with springs and blocks what should i do about the alignment i don’t want it maxed out


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Your ok with your alignment at 3″ front and 5″ rear, if you add springs to the front you will max out your alignment if your lucky (you will be maxed out). In the rear alignment is not the issue but travel, you may not have much left. To go 5/7 will require some customization that cannot be purchased in a box. Be prepared to modify things, this is not bad, just more work and money. The magazines have trucks like this in their issues all the time and a lot of work went into them to achieve their very custom stances. Let us know how your doing and maybe you would like to tells us more about your project and be in “The Garage”!

DJM Tech

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  1. Larry,

    I am assuming your working on a 2006 F150 because you responded to a post regarding a 06 F150. If not, let me know what your working on. If you do have a 06 F150 we make 2″ or 3″ arms that are designed work with the factory spring, we do not make drop springs. Using 2″ drop spring and our arms might cause an alignment issue, simply because you may not have enough camber adjustment to compensate for the negative camber induced by the spring. I do think if you can align the truck with the spring now you should be able to align with the arm (I am not guaranteeing this, just seems to make sense). You still might have other issues like wheel clearance, scrub line problems, or a toe problem, I just don’t know for sure. Please keep me posted!

    DJM Tech

  2. I have your 4″ flip kit and your 2″drop springs ! As well as shocks. Do I need both the upper and lower control arms to achieve the 4″ front drop or will I be OK with just the upper?

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