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99 Dodge Ram

Submitted on 2011/03/09 at 10:17 am

I want to lower my ’99 Dodge Ram 1500 2″ in the front using Calmax Upper Control Arms CA2391U, and 4″ in the rear using DJM Hanger & Shackle Kit HS1139-4 and 2 Calmax Supershox #2100. What is the recommended shocks to be used with the Upper Control Arms CA2391U and are they a direct OEM replacement? Does the Calmax Upper Control Arm CA2391U include both left and right control arms and is there more needed to complete the 2″/4″ lowering?



It is pretty easy to give your 99 Ram a 2/4 drop, but rather than use upper control arms(CA2391U) you should use the coil springs (CS2391-2). The upper arms can only help you with alignment, they have no effect on ride height and are designed to be used in the 4″ front drop kit. Combine the CS2391-2 springs with a pair of 1315 Calmax SuperShox for your front 2″ drop and as you know the rear 4″ Hanger & Shackle Kit (HS1139-4) with a pair of 2100 Calmax SuperShox for the rear. That’s all you need! Good luck Darrell! By the way here is a link to the parts your interested in – djmfactorystore

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  1. I lowered my Ram with your 2/4 kit and it was a bit lower in the front, by about 3″. I have a negative camber and my ball joints are at a sever angle. I need 2″ only because I installed 22″ rims. Can I use the control arms for the 2″ lowering and alignment correction? Do I need the upper and lower arms? Do I use the factory coils and shocks with the new control arms? Thanks for the great product. My truck looks great!

    • Joe,

      What year is your Ram? And did you use springs only? If your working on a 94 – 00 Ram then using the upper arms can help you with the negative camber and the severe ball joint angles. If you add the lower arms you will get another 2″ of drop, or you could put your original coils back in with our arms for a totally alignable 2″ drop!

      DJM Tech

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