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Alignment Problems

Submitted on 2011/05/09 at 4:53 am
Hello there DJM tech support I hope all is well. Last month I purchased the DJM 2/3 drop kit for my 2002 Tahoe z71. The kit included the rear 3inch drop springs, torsion keys for the front and at the same time I went ahead and purchased shock extenders for the rear. The stance came out great just what I wanted and the install was easy to complete on my own which I was happy about. After the install I went ahead to get a wheel alignment and this is where I ran into issues. I have to much negative camber on my front passenger wheel that I can not adjust anymore the setting is maxed out. The front driver’s side is fine it’s just the passenger tire that I have this issue. I ended up cranking the front up about a half inch to try and make it work which it did help but the issue is still there. I will be going through tires in no time or at least one front tire. Have you heard of this issue and is there a fix? The truck is all original besides the drop and tires. Never in an accident either. I really don’t want to take the kit out but all my friends on my truck forums have stated you guys can help and will help.

Please let me know what I need to do to get this issue resolved.

Thanks so much in advance!!


Submitted on 2011/05/09 at 1:43 pm | In reply to Vincent Fabrizi.


Thanks for buying DJM Suspension we know you have other choices and we appreciate your business. Your alignment situation is not normal. To have one side radically different than the other alignment wise might indicate a truck that is not “square”, or may been damaged in some way. It does not have to have been in an accident it could be as simple as a nasty pothole sometime that could have bent something slightly. I am assuming the truck is level from side to side, if it is low on the passenger side try to adjust the low side up, which would reduce negative camber. Another possible fix could be using upper control arms that we build for lower drop kits that help get rid of the negative camber that naturally occurs when you lower. If you can photograph the upper control arm mounts so we can see how your adjustment is set. We will get you set up right if we can!

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