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Avalanche Rear Drop

Submitted on 2011/04/08 at 1:06 pm

I have an 08 Avalanche 4WD. I have the front lowered 2″, the rear 4″. I have run across a set of DJM lowering endlinks from a rear kit. The seller is still using the trailer arm brackets. Can you explain what the trailer arm brackets purpose is so I can decide if I should get the endlinks or just buy the entire rear kit?

Thank you

Submitted on 2011/04/13 at 8:15 am


The endlinks your looking at are designed to move the factory rear swaybar over towards the passenger side a little to keep it from contacting other suspension components when your suspension cycles. When you lower the rear of your Avalanche the suspension components all get closer together and have less travel available. The trailing arm brackets in the same manner space the factory trailing arms down away from the frame to gain space and travel for your rear end. With a four inch drop we would highly recommend you use the complete rear kit (trailing arm brackets +swaybar endlinks) to optimize your ride quality and performance.

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