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An 03 Avalanche and 24’s?

Submitted on 2012/01/23 at 4:36 pm

I have a 03 avalanche 2wd. Just put baer breaks on it, and going to put 24″ wheels. I want to put a drop on it, but don’t want it to rub. What is the best rout to take,and is 24″ wheels to big, should I get 22″ instead?
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Submitted on 2012/01/27 at 2:42 pm | In reply to gabe.


You have a lot of choices when it comes to lowering your 03 Avalanche from a 2″ Front / 2″ Rear to a 3″ Front / 5″ Rear. The amount that would be best for you is hard for us to say. Click here to see the kit available in the application section at

Now you should be a little careful with 24″ wheels, there huge and you might lower to much for them to clear. If you use 22″ wheels you can use any kit and save some money along the way!

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