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5 + 5 = C-10

Submitted on 2012/08/04 at 7:21 pm

I just installed the DJM 5/5 drop kit for the 1973-1987 C10′s. I have the kit that includes drop spindles, a shorter front coil, and a flip kit on the back. I also went ahead and got new Calmax Shocks as well. I installed a set of American Classic 3″ wide whitewall tires, a Billet Grille from LMC truck, and new lugnuts. I have got to say it has truly amazed me how well the truck rides and drives! Mississippi is known for it’s harsh roads but I have not experienced anything that has been just totally outrageous! This kit provided me with the perfect stance, front end alignment was a breeze, and the quality of the products is amazing! I will totally recommend this company and their complete kits to anyone I encounter trying to decide how to lower their truck! My truck rides pretty much the same as factory, looks killer with the wide whitewalls, and looks so great lowered, PLUS it’s a longbed! Thank you to DJM for having the items needed to drop it the RIGHT way the FIRST time! No second guessing with them!


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  1. Hi there. I just purchased a 76 blazer that had the front drop spindles installed and the flip kit was in the back. I installed the kit and shocks but I am contacting the supplied bump stops on light bumps all the time. I there a frame difference with the 2wd blazers from the c10s frame. The instructions said I wouldn’t need frame notches but I have very little clearance. I installed new springs at the time of install. Any help would be appreciate any help

    • Justin,

      Yes there is a different frame under the full size Blazer, also the leaf spring pack is thicker on the Blazer and what this all means is a C-10 flip kit will lower a Blazer more and have less travel as you have discovered. We do not make a c-notch for the C-10 and really don’t recommend using the flip on a Blazer because of what you have learned. We have never had a full size Blazer to prototype from and I can’t give you specific advise, however I know that there a c-notch kits for your Blazer and it sounds like that would help your situation. Just be careful that you get quality parts, the c-notch is pretty important!

      Good Luck!

  2. I’m looking at installing the DJM2455-5/5 kit and am wondering if these kits will work with the coolride bags (in the future) or am I better off to go for the 3″ spindle and 2″ coil (till I have time & $$ for the bag kit)?

    • Byron,

      We don’t have any experience with Coolride Bags but I can say a lot of guys are running our arms with various air bag devices. Sometimes you need to modify the arm to mount the air bag in the spring seat. These mods usually are fairly minor and vary depending on what you use. It’s a tough call which way to go, you could make it work either way. Let us know what you decide!!


  3. Got the double nickel drop for my 84 C10 (spring & spindle). Clearances are good but the hard portion of the brake line isn’t clearing the spindle or A arm. No problem with replacement but is there a known app or part number that works?

    • L.J.
      I wish I knew a good source for that hard brake line but I don’t. Great idea though, my first thought is the good old NAPA store!


      • 22″ Stainless braided to clear in OE space. Can flex the steel part at the banjo joint but it can hit the inside of the wheel. My 18s clear but 15 or 16″ would be dicey. Would have been nice to know prior to install though…

    • James,

      Sorry about being late, I stayed away from computers over the holiday’s and am suffering “catch up” now! You should use part number 1309 with you combo. Because the dropped coil requires a shorter shock!


  4. My son has 87 gmc 1/2 ton short bed,he had received a lower and upper arms in the kit for a 4 in. drop and able to use the stock springs and spindles. He installed the kit and now is having a problem with alignment. the shop says they have to add 1 in. more in shims but theres no room because bolt has no more threads.just wonder if you had the same problem and what you did to fix the problem

    • Victor,

      If you installed our upper and lower control arms with the factory coil you should have a 3″ drop and no problem with alignment. To need to add 1″ of shims sounds very unusual, are your alignment guys sure of this, or are you sure your working with a factory spring?


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