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Can I Lower my 4X4?

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Conversation: 4×4 Drop Questions

I own a 2010 Silverado ext 4×4 and am interested in lowering it.  I am curious to know how low I can go in the front without having to worry about the front CV joints.  And is it possible to get a 5″ drop in the back without flipping the rear end?


2011/02/18 at 8:42 pm


We get questions about lowering 4WD’s alot. We have kits for both Chevy and Ford four wheel drives. For you specifically we have a 2/3 or a 2/4 kit. With 4WD you need to be conservative so you don’t mess up your front drive line angles. Your very smart to worry about the CV joint angles, do this wrong and you can get in trouble right quick! The most you can drop the rear without “flipping” the rear is three inches, the 4″ and 5″ both require you to move your axle on top of the leaf, Sorry.

Here’s a link to the 4WD kits for your Silverado: djmfactorystore
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