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Installation and performance information on DJM’s CALMAX SuperShox

5 + 5 = C-10

Submitted on 2012/08/04 at 7:21 pm

I just installed the DJM 5/5 drop kit for the 1973-1987 C10′s. I have the kit that includes drop spindles, a shorter front coil, and a flip kit on the back. I also went ahead and got new Calmax Shocks as well. I installed a set of American Classic 3″ wide whitewall tires, a Billet Grille from LMC truck, and new lugnuts. I have got to say it has truly amazed me how well the truck rides and drives! Mississippi is known for it’s harsh roads but I have not experienced anything that has been just totally outrageous! This kit provided me with the perfect stance, front end alignment was a breeze, and the quality of the products is amazing! I will totally recommend this company and their complete kits to anyone I encounter trying to decide how to lower their truck! My truck rides pretty much the same as factory, looks killer with the wide whitewalls, and looks so great lowered, PLUS it’s a longbed! Thank you to DJM for having the items needed to drop it the RIGHT way the FIRST time! No second guessing with them!


Kool Looking Wagon

Submitted on 2012/04/23 at 3:21 pm Kool looking wagon. What shocks did you use(DJM/Calmax part #’s)? I have a 1991 Caprice wagon with the 305TBI. Do these use the same shocks? Thanks, RED Submitted on 2012/05/11 at 8:35 am | In reply to Red. Red, We used our part number “1315″ on the front with…Continue Reading

What about shocks with a 3/3 kit on my Tahoe

Submitted on 2011/11/14 at 3:36 pm I am considering your 3/3 lowering kit for my 2001 tahoe. From what I have managed to figure out the rear uses shorter springs which implies shorter shocks than stock. What about the front? Are shorter shocks required? Thanks for your help Submitted on 2011/11/15 at 1:40 pm |…Continue Reading