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Dropping My 2011 F250

Submitted on 2011/05/02 at 8:15 am

What adjustments will I need to make so the drive shaft will not cause trouble on my 2011 f-250 reg cab 2×4 .
If I use the F250 2011 full kit. will I need to do anything with the differential geometry.


Submitted on 2011/05/02 at 2:14 pm | In reply to Jim Hundstad.


Do you have a 8-Lug F250?

DJM Tech

Yes, it is a 2011 superduty reg cab 2×4.


Attached are the instructions for the rear kit to lower your Superduty. The kit provides for the proper alignment of the rear end after you have lowered it, so no problem there. Your essentially moving the rear axle from below the leaf to being on top of your leaf springs. This of course lowers the rear too much and the rest of the rear kit brings you back up to a 5” drop. In the old days when Ford attached the leaf springs to the frame by brackets that were riveted on it was fairly simple to remove and replace the brackets and move the leaf spring up, in 2008 Ford began welding these bracket to the frame which made much to difficult for regular guys to replace, so we redesigned the rear kit. Still it is a simple kit and allows you to set the pinion angle and can be done with hand tools at home. Also here is a link to the Factory Store for the Superduty Kit!
Let us know how you do!!

DJM Tech

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  1. i have a 2008 f350 i just put the 3/5 flip kit on an i am having problem with the rear kit .. the rear sits lower than the front an i dont like that.. i also trim the bump stop an they are still sitting on the axle like its keeping the truck from going any lower..i believe if i take them off or trim them it will go lower in the back an i dont want that … i dont know which way the shackle need to be turned . do the bent part need to be facing the front or the rear of the truck…i need some help with this to find out what making it sag like this

    • DJ,

      Sounds like you might not have installed the shackle mounting bracket. The new bracket reverses the action of the shackle and lifts the rear end after you have flipped it. Let me know if you have installed this bracket!

      DJM Tech

  2. Steve,

    I am going to assume you want to drop the rear 1″. If that’s true we have a part which no one else would have on the shelf because it is a component of a rear kit, and it would probably give you a 1″ drop. It has not been used that we know of on your platform, but see no reason why it wouldn’t work. Give us a call @ 800-237-6748 and ask for part number SH3016-1, cost about $75.

    DJM Tech

  3. Andrew,

    As long as your F-100 has a 1/2 ton front end (5-lug) it doesn’t matter king pin wise when ordering our Drop I beams. The difference in the king pins for the F-100 are drum vs disc brakes and that difference is not diameter but length and location of the locking bolt.

    And yes we can ship to Australia, we have many times and very often drop parts for old Ford F-100’s! Please contact us directly at

    DJM Tech

  4. I am having a little problem and hope you can help i have approx a 1970 f100 short wheel base truck which has had a later model disc brake front end put on it. i wish to purchase the DJM lowering kit dream beams, spring hangers, shocks etc but i am not sure which kit to buy as im not sure if the diameter of the kingpins changes in the later models.
    also does DJM ship to Australia


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