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Dropping my 98 1500?

Submitted on 2011/03/28 at 5:07 pm

I’ve got a 1998 c1500 2wd standard cab short bed and I’m looking for a 4 inch drop in the front and a 6 inch drop in the rear. I need help finding the right kit and shocks. Please help me out also wondering what wheel size looks the best and fits the best 17 or 18 and what size tires.



Submitted on 2011/04/05 at 2:35 pm


You looking to do the classic drop on your 1998 Silverado. The favored method is a 4 inch drop with spindles and coil springs in the front and a 6 inch flip kit in the rear. The drop spindle will give you a 2 inch drop by moving the spud axle up relative to the ball joints and you combine with the 2 inch lowering coil that are shorter than factory coil springs. On your truck the side effects are having to trim a little material from the factory lower control arms so your wheels won’t hit when you make very tight turns. This problem will go away as you upgrade to bigger wheels. You could also use DJM’s Calmax lower control arms instead of spindles and combine with your 2inch coils for a 4 inch front drop. The arms totally eliminate the wheel contact problem. Both ways perform great and give an identical stance. The rear flip kit actually moves your rear axle from beneath the leaf springs to on top of the leaf springs. This gives you the 6 inch drop. You will have to install a “c-notch” kit that comes as part of the flip kit. This is where you cut a notch in your frame to allow the rear axle more room to move up and down as your suspension needs to, and you install frame supports around the notch for additional strength. A must for ride quality!

You will also need to install shocks which have a different lenght than factory. All of the parts you need you can find at the DJM Factory Store!

The subject of wheels and tires comes up often and because there are so many more wheel and tire combo’s out there than we’ve seen your better off to consult a good aftermarket wheel and tire expert. Our rule of thumb however is if you don’t exceed the overall factory wheel and tire diameter, and don’t change wheel offset you can do almost anything you want!

DJM Tech

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  1. Hi, I recently installed lowering control arms, upper control arms and drop coils for a 4 inch drop in total up front for a 96 c1500 single cab. My question is that now my 22×9.5 rims are hitting the lower control arm at full turn and I wanted to know if there was any way to fix this. I still have to align my truck so I’m Not sure if that will fix it. When everything was installed and I dropped the truck off the jacks I had major toe out and I eyeballed it to where the wheels looked straight to the rest of the truck.

    • Pedro,

      Unusual that your wheels would contact the lower arms. Sometimes the tires make contact at full lock, depending on wheel and tire size + offset. You can install a steering stop on the control arm (or spindle) if you think your situation would be a problem. Alignment may also help and you should get it aligned before you decide! If your interested in doing your own alignments check this out


      • Thanks for the reply, I’ll look into the steering stop because I’ve removed the dub ballers off and put on my u2’s and both make contact with the rim on one of the weld spots of the control arm.

  2. Hello… I have a 98 c1500 x-cab and has a2-4 drop already with springs and hanger and shackle… I want to lower it more… I want a 4-6 or 5-7 drop what more can I use?? Thanks keep in mind that its already dropped 2-4

    • Edgar,

      Since you have 2″ coil springs in the front you can add 2″ drop spindles, or control arms with the springs and get a 4″ front drop. On the rear you will need to install the factory hangers and shackles before you use a 6″ flip kit. The rub might be finding factory leaf spring hangers and shackles, you need to do this before the flip kit. If you are tempted to combine these parts your rear will be too low and even with a c-notch you won’t have any suspension travel, it will ride like crap and you won’t be able to get the front down enough to get that “level” look. Here is a link to the lowering parts! Good luck.


  3. I have a 1991 gmc c-1500 standard cab .The front is lowered with your dropped spindles and the rear with shackles,the 2″ and 4″ lowering .My wheels hit the lower control arms and I have trimmed them. If I was to use your lower control arms kit with the stock spindles and coil springs would I still get a 2″ drop on the front? Would the wheels still rub on the lower control (a arms )? Do you have a plate to weld on to reinforce the lower a arm or do I have to fabricate one. If I do get your lower a arms would I need to get a front alignment .Thanks

    • Edward,

      Your wheel contact problem is normal when using drop spindles on a 88-98 C1500. You can remove material from the factory lower arms just at the contact point to eliminate the contact, or you can use 2″ lower control arms and the factory spindle to get the same drop. There used to be plates available to weld in the factory arms but I have not seen these on the market for a very long time, so if you want to just fabricate a plate. There are an awful lot of C1500’s with spindles running around that do not have a reinforcing plates, I have no recommendation either way, just wanted you to know. Of course the arms solve that problem you can check them out here! Regarding alignment, if you simply removed the factory spindle, or spring, or control arm and reassembled you should have an alignment done, so yes you should get an alignment after you have made the changes you decide on. Good luck!!


  4. I was wondering can I use a three inch drop control arm and 1 inch lowering springs? I already have the springs and since I could use the bushings and ball joints this would be a time effective way to get it all done. Oh this would be on a 93 GMC 1500 Reg Cab.

    • Larry,

      Sure you can use the 3″ arms with the 1″ coils. The optimum way is to use the 4″ arm which is really a 2″ arm with the correct ball joint angles and alignment factored in to work with a 2″ coil (total 4″ drop). The second best way is to do what your thinking about! Should be no problem, good luck and send us a picture!!


  5. I have a 90 C 1500 extended cab the suspension is stock but I had purchased a 88 C 1500 single cab with drop spindles and springs in the front and a shackle and hanger drop in the back. Is it possible that the kit is interchangable. I hope to put the drop kit on the 90 extended cab I just wasnt sure if theres a difference between the components.

    • Leighton,

      Every thing on your 88 will work on your 90 X-cab except the spindles. There are two different spindles for the 88 – 98 1500’s and you have both. Click here to read more. Click on the DS2056-2 part number to see what the dimensional differences are. Hope this helps you and good luck!


  6. Just got a set of your DJM Ibeams, for my ’72 F100 Ford, I’m just a backyard mechanic, and I don’t have any instructions or manuels, can you help me with some information on removing and installation.


  7. Hi. I have had a lowering kit installed by northern performance in hamilton ontario on my 98 chevy 1500 ext cab. the kit was put in 5-6 years ago and i have just had the passanger side spindle break in half. I cant seem to remember how much of a drop I had done. I thought it was 4 front and 6 rear. But it seems all of your kits, you have to notch the frame for 6″ rear and mine was never notched. my kit came with spindles, front shocks, and rear leaf springs. do you have any idea what kit i used for my truck? or how can i measure the spindle to find out if it is a 2″,3″,4″ drop spindle? thanks Scott.

    • Scott,

      If you have spindles and springs on the front then you probably have a 4″ drop. If you have spindles and factory springs then you have a 2″ drop. Because you have lowered leaf springs in the back I suspect you have a 2″ front drop. DJM has never made lowered leaf springs so the kit you have is probably another brand, if your spindle broke because of an accident I would inspect the other spindle for damage. (By the way all spindles for your truck are 2″ parts)

      DJM Tech

  8. I just installed your drop spindles with 3 inch dropped springs in the front. I also did the rear flip kit for 6.25 inches of drop. I have a 1995 GMC reg cab short bed 2wd. Rides great, but I had to trim the factory lower control arms way too much with the factory 15 inch wheels. If I go up to 18 or 20 inch wheels can I replace the lower control arms “stock ones” with no trimming needed? Thanks

    • Jason,

      The wheel clearance problem your experiencing is usually found with drop spindles and 15″ wheels. However your solution of 18 or 20 inch wheels will give you what you want without hitting your factory wheels!

      DJM Tech

  9. Simon,

    It’s a good question with an easy answer. The 88-91 standard-cab C1500 uses one spindles part number and all other 88-98 C1500 use another. There’s no strength or performance difference between them and their the same price. Just a slight dimensional difference which every now and then get someone in trouble!
    Here’s a link to the parts you need from the Factory Store!

    DJM Tech

  10. I’v got a 97 c1500 std cab long box and am looking for a 2′ drop spindle and 4′ shackle kit but you guys don’t seem to list a kit for my application. Whats the differance between the 88-91 92-99 front spindles? I do have the bigger rotors so will the ext cab ones work?
    Thanks Simon.

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