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F150 Alignment Problem

Submitted on 2011/04/21 at 6:38 am

I have a 01 F150 it has a DJM complete 4-6 kit, it’s been on the truck for about 8yrs.
My problem is my alignment ,the suspension is tight. I’ve taken it to a few alignment shops & the say i’m maxed out. I just want to get rid of that Nascar look,I keep wearing out the inside tread of the tires. Any ideas?

Submitted on 2011/04/27 at 1:22 pm | In reply to Robert.


You should not have to run around with negative camber. The 4/6 kit we make is alignable to the factory numbers. It is possible that you don’t have the eccetric or cam bolts in the upper control arms. These bolts allow the upper control arm to move in or out inducing positive or negative camber. There were some F150′s and Silverado’s that came from the factory without the ability to adjust camber. Your alignment shop may have been right, but they should also have noticed you could not make any adjustment. For about $70 you can buy an alignment cam kit for your truck made by Specialty Products from the DJM Factory Store or your local NAPA store, and set your alignment to factory camber and stop the uneven tire ware!
Good Luck!

DJM Tech

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  1. Micheal,

    Your ok with your alignment at 3″ front and 5″ rear, if you add springs to the front you will max out your alignment if your lucky. In the rear alignment is not the issue but travel, you may not have much left. To go 5/7 will require some customization that cannot be purchased in a box. Be prepared to modify things, this is not bad, just more work and money. The magazines have trucks like this in their issues all the time and a lot of work went into them to achieve their very custom stances. Let us know how your doing and maybe you would like to tells us more about your project and be in “The Garage”!

    DJM Tech

  2. i have a 2006 f150 that is lowered 3/5 drop now with lowering control arms and a flip kit i am fixing to lower it 2 more inchs with springs and blocks what should i do about the alignment i dont want it maxed out

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