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Ford Axle Flip Questions

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I’m looking at lowering my 1987 Ford F150 2WD SB…

In looking at your options for lowering the rear end, but am a bit confused…

The flip kit is something like $70 and has a 5″ drop…does this require a C notch?  Are there ride issues if you use the proper shocks?

The shackle kit is something like $250, drops 4″, but has a more complicated installation.

Am I reading this right?



2011/02/18 at 1:39 pm


The Flip Kit for your 87 F-150 is really a simple kit. It does not have, or require a C-notch, and you can use the spring plates and U-bolts you already paid for, the one’s on your truck!

A hanger/shackle kit (4″drop) consists of new brackets on both ends of the leaf springs so you can move it up relative to the frame. More parts, more hardware, more cost.

To see all of the options you have for your 1987 F150 click here: djmfactorystore

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