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Got a 72 Suburban

We have a 1972 Chevy Suburban 2wd. Front coils and discs,rear coils.Will the DJM2356-3/4 kit work for us? Also, is there anything other than new shocks that need to be installed with the kit, such as a rear “C”notch? Thanks


Submitted on 2012/06/12 at 1:42 pm | In reply to Matt.


The Calmax Control Arms will work if you have a disc brake front end and your talking about a 5 lug wheel. The rear coil spring is designed for the C-10 pick up rear end and were not sure what would happen with the Suburban platform. My guess is you would get a little more than a 4″ drop. It would be very interesting to find out, so if you would like to experiment with your Suburban I will work with you to see how we can get you what you want, please let me know!!


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  1. My name is Rick. I have a 1969 suburban 1/2 ton. I just read the letter from Matt about his sub. I too want to lower mine but only 2/3 drop. I installed 3″ coils that I was told came out of a c-10 truck. They flattened out like pancakes then I took the truck off the stands.Is there a heavier coil out there? Is there something else I need to do to get 3″ drop in the rear
    Thx Rick

    • Rick,

      I don’t have a quick answer, we have some heavy duty coils for the Avalanche that might work for you. The problem is I don’t know what kinda of a drop you would get and if they would give you an acceptable ride. Remind me after the holidays when I am back at the shop, I can pull some of these springs and have a better idea if I am full of **** or not! Talk to you then!!


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