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I got vibrations!

Submitted on 2012/01/06 at 2:20 pm

I have 2002 ext cad chevy truck with the 2/4 drop with control arms and hangers and shackles. I want to know if can use stock shocks up front with the control arms? next question is my pinion angle is not after the lower kit.I do have a 2 pices drive shaft with relocated carrier bearing but still vibration issue. I checked the drive shaft angle and it is -1 and the dif is +8 so this gives me a +7 on my pinion angle. If put a 6* shim this give me +1 for my new pinion angle. Is this issue with lowering kit?. also is it ok to use the aluminum shims. I here brake after a while is this true? Thanks for the help.

Submitted on 2012/01/08 at 12:57 pm | In reply to Aaron.


First you can use factory length shocks with the control arms so long as you have not put a shorter spring in. Regarding your vibration problem, tell us when the vibration occurs example at what speed does it happen? Depending on when it happens there are a couple of things to try!

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