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I Need New Blocks!

I have a 1994 s10 pick up, it has 3inch blocks on it now but they are corroding, I just got a set from a friend but his, at the top are on an angle he said they were for a 1997 s10 can I still use these on my truck?????????????



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Cast aluminum and salt don’t mix well and could be what’s happening to your 3″ blocks. The blocks you got from your friend are 4″ blocks if they have a angle on the top and, they will fit your S-10 if they are the same width as your 3″ blocks. Good luck!

DJM Tech


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  1. I am not sure where the angle of the 4 in. lowering block on the 93 s10 is supposed to be. angle on top sloping down toward the front of the truck? or sloping down toward the back of the truck?or angle on the bottom with the thinner end forward ? or on the bottom with the thinner end toward the rear?

    • David,

      The typical way to install is the angle sloping towards the front. Or said another way, the tall side to the rear. This will create the same angle as the stock configuration.


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