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I want to lower my 81 F100

Submitted on 2011/11/12 at 11:10 am

I have an 81 F-100 4×2 short flareside and need to know
easiest way to use your 84-86 DB 3003-3 beams and still retain my early F-100 4.5 bolt circle rotors and
brakes. For example, can my kingpin 81 spindles be
machined to take the 3003-3 ball-joint axles ?

I would like to know if I have to use the big/ugly
and clunky 5.5 big rotors and brakes before I purchase
the 3003-3 kit. Thanks, Chic N. Pautpi

Submitted on 2011/11/15 at 1:06 pm | In reply to Ken Hills (Chic N. Pautpi).


Thanks for your question, it’s not easy for guy’s with 80/81/82 F100′s to find lowering parts! Lets start with your king pin beams, are they the same length or unequal lenght? Knowing that will help wit what to do next!!

DJM Tech

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  1. Hello, I was reading the conversation about lowering a 81 ford F100 specifically in the front. Having a 81 ford F100 long bed Custom myself, I was wondering if the Between years had different options with respects to ball joints/king pins and equal or unequal lengths. I just got this truck shipped so I wanted to gather some info as to what to look for when I check. So, if I understand correctly, I am looking for unequal length beams and if they are ball joints? This will allow me to use parts from a 83 model Ford F100 for parts needed to lower the front end? just trying to lower the truck enough to tuck the tires a in the fender wells a bit. I and not trying to put it on the ground completely…

    Thanks for your time

    • Ryan,

      Your right thinking that if you have unequal length beams with ball joints mounted in the beams you might be in luck. Or if it has equal length King pin beams your in luck. At all costs you want to avoid modifying your coil springs, you will cause alignment problems you can’t solve. So take a good look at what you have and let me know! Thanks!!


        • if no parts are made and I cant cut the springs could I get a later model front end so I can get the I beams to fit? how extensive would that be? I am presuming that a later model front in will not just bolt on…

          Thanks again for all you help. any info will help a lot…

          • Ryan,

            Lots of unknowns here, obviously you can’t use the equal length beams, and you definitely don’t want to modify your coils. Maybe the early ball joint beams are the same length, but I don’t really know what or if you could convert to the ball joint parts. You would need the spindles and brakes from the ball joint beams as well if they happened to fit correctly. It might work, but I can’t say for sure or offer any tried and tested help. Sorry!


        • Ryan,

          At this moment your out of luck. Were looking at your application and maybe we can address it, but that will take some time to develop. Not promising anything but stay tuned and bug me to see if I can push something to happen!


          • Thank you Mark…. I will definitely keep bugging you and thanks for all your info a while back. I am hoping that you will develop some stuff for us guys with the early 80’s year models…

  2. Hi I have 1982 ford f100 that I was wanting to lower and I know these are odd years 80-82. But I was wanting to know how to get around that by putting 87-96 dream beams or what would it cost to get ones made from djm. Thanks Waylon

    • Waylon,

      I can’t tell you specifically if you can or how to put later model beams on your F100. You can start here however, if you have unequal length beams now you have a chance of fitting the later model beams. If you have equal length beams from the factory then there is probably no way to convert. If you have the unequal length beams, measure them and let me know what your lengths are. I will compare to our drop beams and maybe we will get lucky!


  3. hi i have a 1981 ford f100 with king pin beams. the left front i beam measures 38 1\2 inch and the right front measures 31 inch front bolt to grease fitting on the bottom of the kingpins. let me know what you got and what i have to do.

    Thanks Evan

    • Evan,

      We do not make lowering beams for your truck. The king pin beams we make are the same length and the ball joint beams are unequal length. You have a “in betweener” truck. If enough demand is generated maybe we could address the 80 – 82 Fords with the “in between” beam designs.


  4. I have a 03 avalanche 2wd. Just put baer breaks on it, and going to put 24″ wheels. I want to put a drop on it, but don’t want it to rub. What is the best rout to take,and is 24″ wheels to big, should I get 22″ instead?
    Thank you,

    • Gabe,

      You have a lot of choices when it comes to lowering your 03 Avalanche from a 2″ Front / 2″ Rear to a 3″ Front / 5″ Rear. The amount that would be best for you is hard for us to say. Click here to see the kit available in the DJM Factory Store

      Now you should be a little careful with 24″ wheels, there huge and you might lower to much for them to clear. If you use 22″ wheels you can use any kit and save some money along the way!

      DJM Tech

  5. I too am wanting to lower my 1980 F100 stepside. I am doing a total frame off. PLease let me know if you have a kit that I can use.

    • Clark,

      We need to find out some things about your 1980 F100. Look at your front I-beams and tell us are they equal or un-equal lenght, and do they use ball joints or king pins to mount your spindles to the beams? Wiht that info we can see what parts will work! Thanks

      DJM Tech

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