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I want to slam my S-Dime

Submitted on 2011/03/29 at 8:40 am

I really would like to go lower on my s10 then a 5/6 I was wondering is it possible to take DJM 3″ lower control arm 3″ drop coil and a 2 in spindle to get 8 up front will this work.I know it prob will ride rough but it would be worth it to have a custom 8/7 drop on my s dime


Submitted on 2011/04/06 at 8:54 pm


Your talking about a totally custom job. It is physically possible to install arms, coils, and spindles in the front but it would not be drivable or alignable without modification. On the rear your differential would probably be up against the bed all the time. Again serious modes. It’s a project that will yield you a totally unique S-10 that if you can make it work is a magazine type build, and we would love to watch and promote your effort in “The Garage” if you want to take it on!

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