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It’s Show Time!

The snow is melting, birds are chirping, and cars and trucks are being prepped for this years show circuit. If your building a truck or suv for a show, gives us a heads up and we can feature you in “The Garage” and, or if you have a show you would like to promote, also give us a shout and we will work with you to promote your show here at Calmax

Use the form below to give us a heads up to what you doing!

It’s time to Show Off!!

5 Responses to It’s Show Time!

  1. I have a 2wd 04 f250 I want to bring it down for better looks , ride , and handling .. what do you suggest I will buy what is needed , I don’t want it scrapping the road just a lil lower … thxs

    • Randy,

      Cool, that’s an easy one! All you need is a 3/5 kit for your F250! Not to low, rides great and best of all looks fantastic, click here for more info.Let me know what you do and send some pictures.


  2. I am needing some tech support but don’t see anywhere to post questions except for here. I am lowering a 97 c1500 and have a few questions. Please let me know where is the proper place to post. Thanks.

    • Jay,

      You can post a question with any of the articles, you do have to scroll down to the bottom to find it though. But it really doesn’t matter we can chat here, what’s on your mind?


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