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2011 Texas HEATwave

On the weekend of July 22-24, 2011, the Travis County Expo Center in Austin, Texas was the home of the 2011 Texas Heatwave. The center was packed full with hundreds of all different kinds of custom show vehicles and motorcycles. The grounds were engulfed with spectators, vehicle owners, vehicles with earth pounding sound systems, and a constant flow of golf-carts and pit vehicles roaming through the show. With lots of action going on outside through out the day some sought shelter from the pounding heat, and found comfort in the indoor show area. Inside you could take advantage of the hydraulic contest followed by an air bag battle between Hellboy and Cyclone II. as well as vendors, tattoo artists and the after party later that night.

Through out the weekend there were lots of events taking place out in the scorching heat. High-horsepower monster trucks crushed cars and brave participants demolished their tires in a burnout contest, Also, Truckin’ Magazine’s first ever autocross event was held. The Autocross took place all weekend for any drivers thinking they were the fastest and wanted to show off their driving skills. The track was littered with dozens of cones marking the narrow, short windy autocross path. Some drivers were able to lay down some fast times, and others liked to bulldoze cones. But overall if you could stand the heat and didn’t mind going home with a radical sunburn it was a heck of a weekend at Austin Heatwave 2011.
Story and Photos by Eric Butler (A Different Silverado) from the Garage


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  1. Hello, on the Djm kit #2456-3/4. I see the pictures does that come with upper and lower control arms ?
    the picture does
    not show that . and with that kid do I still need spindle ?

    • Thomas,

      For a 3″ front / 4″ rear that kit DJM2456-3/4 is all you need! Just lower arms and a hanger & Shackle kit. No need for a spindle!

      DJM Tech

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