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Bonneville Speedweek

Bonneville Speedway is the area of the Bonneville Salt Flats used for motorsports. Located near Wendover Utah, “The Speedway” is the home of land speed records. While there are lots of racetracks in the world, this is the one where they go absolutely the fastest! A 10-mile long straightaway to run uniquely designed racecars at no holds barred speeds there is no other place like it. If you’re a NASCAR fan you go to Daytona, if you’re a CART fan you go to Indy, if you love absolute speed you go to Bonneville!

Bonneville was first used for motorsports in 1912 after a suitability test by a local businessman driving a Pierce Arrow found the surface to be solid and consistent enough to support cars. The legend began to form in the 1930’s when Sir Malcolm Campbell was clocked at 301.129 mph in “Blue Bird.” Through the year’s names like Don Waite, Craig Breedlove, Mickey Thompson, Burt Munro, Gary Gabelich and Andy Green have set records and driven wild rides with names like “The Edelbrock Special”, “The Green Monster”, “Blue Flame” and “Thrust SSC.” A turbine driven car went 458 mph, an electric car achieved 314 mph and a diesel truck managed to break 350 mph! Scroll down and see a video of Andy Green setting the land speed record of 763.035 mph, and then a Burt Munro’s Indian Motorcycle video. And yes our friend Merwin’s “End of the Road” pictures in the Bonneville Gallery!


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