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Need Help with Parts

Submitted on 2011/07/06 at 6:07 pm

I have a 1994 chevy 1500 and I purchased a 4/6 drop consisting of lower a-arms and coil springs for the front and a rear axle flip kit I also have the bushings for the sway bars. I need to know which shocks I can use I have brand new set of shocks on the truck already I need to know which c-notch to use and I also need instructions for the entire lowering kit and the sway bar bushings
Thanks in advance


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Do you have part numbers for the lowering kit you have? You should have a c-notch with the flip kit as well as instructions. You can download our instructions from our website by going to applications then choose chevy, then silverado 1994, and click on the part numbers and the instructions for those parts should pop up. As far as replacing the swaybar bushings they probably simply replace the rubber factory parts. Again, let us now what the part numbers are and we can help you more!

DJM Tech

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  1. Victor,
    Do you have a part number for your rear kit? We do not make a flip kit with C-notches for the 07-11 Silverado. Please let us know!

    DJM Tech

  2. I’m Victor I bought a flip kit for my 2007 chevy silverado new body style crew cab. I want know to install the c-notch. I bought the flip kit from stylinconcepts its a djm brand. Hope you can help…

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