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No Drop with 3″ Springs

I have a 91 Chevy 1/2 ton SWB Reg Cab. I installed the 3″ drop springs in the front and there is no difference in ride height from stock. All I did was remove the stock and install the physically shorter spring. Did I do something wrong? Will the springs settle the 3″ they were supposed to drop?



Submitted on 2011/07/14 at 10:03 am | In reply to Aaron.


If you install 3″ drop springs you should see some significant drop. There can be many reasons why you might not get a full 3″ drop but you should see something. Lets begin at the part, can you give me a part number from the springs? You may not actually have what you think. Also with a 3″ drop you would need to install a shorter shock absorber (the stock lenght shock will restrict suspension travel). On your 91 Chevy you need to be careful when you mount the spring to not bend the little tabs in the upper spring seat. It is very easy to bend one or more over which will not allow the spring to seat all the way, essentially making the spring longer. Plus your 91 Chevy may have over the last 20 years settled because of use and time. Any or all of these factors can influence the ride height but as I said you should see some drop. Let me know what the part numbers are and we will go from there!

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  1. i need a part number for moog if they have a listing replacement lower ball joints for a 99 dakota with your 3/5 lowering kit.2 wheel drive 5.2L thank you.

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