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Spindles and Control Arms?

I wanna use drop spindles and lower arm controls on my tahoe 1996 to get to the lowest drop possible is it ok to use a setup like that?



You can use either drop spindles or Calmax control arms but not the two together. The spindles give you a 2″ drop and you can add 2″ coil springs for a 4″ drop or you can use 2″ or 3″ Calmax control arms with your factory coil for the best ride!

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  1. i am concerned with the drop kit im fixing to order. I want a total of 6-8 i was really intrested in running the djm 4 inch calmax upper and lower control arms with 2 inch springs. would that work well? and also the rear is being done with the flip kit and 2 inch shackles. question is do you think the front set up is ideal or should i lean more towards the 4 inch control arms and 2 inch spindles/ need halp.

    sincerely, Rey

    • Rey,

      All your questions depend on what kinda truck your working on! Let me know and we’ll see what might work best!!


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