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Lowering Our 4WD Tahoe?

I want to lower my 2004 4WD chevy Tahoe with a DJM 3/5 complete lowering kit. Most people say it’s impossible ~ I’ve discussed with custom truck shops and they tell me it is POSSIBLE! Can I order the 3/5 lowering kit or does it have to go through a dealer? I’ve been doing a lot of research regarding the 3/5 drop. I’ve seen the DJM 3/5 Complete Kit for Suburbans, Tahoe’s, and Avalanche’s on the website. Please respond promptly ~ Thank you kindly ~ Todd and Kim



Well your research is correct mostly! You can use a 3/5 kit on your 04 4wd Tahoe, however we recommend the 3/3 kit! It is the same kit with a different rear coil spring, the 5″ rear coils for the Suburban just don’t ride worth a darn in the Tahoe. That said it is up to you, we just want to make sure your hip to the ride quality issue! Also the actual difference between the rear coil springs are about an inch of ride height! Here a link to the parts DJM Factory Store

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