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S-10 with a V-8

I bought a ’91 S-10 with a V8 conversion that has already been dropped but there’s only about 1″ of suspension travel in the front before it hits the bump stops.

It looks like the A-arms are a good way to go but what springs do you recommend? Or would the spindles be a better bet with the springs that are in the truck now?


Submitted on 2012/05/11 at 7:24 am | In reply to Al.


Without knowing what spring is in the front end you might start there. You need more than 1″ inch of travel for a good ride and your coil spring is the biggest contributor to suspension travel. Because your S-10 now has a V-8 all of our calculations concerning ride height are not accurate. For example our 2″ coil spring would give you a 2″ drop with the original 4-cyl engine but might provide a 3″ drop with the additional weight of the V-8. You might have to experiment to find the best coil spring for ride quality and then you can add our spindle for a 2″ additional drop or our Calmax control arm for a additional 3 inches of drop. First get good travel back with a proper coil spring! Let us know what you do!!

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Spindles or Control Arms for my Silverado?

Submitted on 2011/12/12 at 9:30 am I am wanting to drop my 2007 silverado ext cab 2wd 4/7. I have checked on prices through summit and it’s like $700. They suggested spindles w a flip kit n the rear and I read you sell the kit with control arms and yours is cheaper. If any,…Continue Reading