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Kool Looking Wagon

Submitted on 2012/04/23 at 3:21 pm

Kool looking wagon. What shocks did you use(DJM/Calmax part #’s)? I have a 1991 Caprice wagon with the 305TBI. Do these use the same shocks?

Submitted on 2012/05/11 at 8:35 am | In reply to Red.


We used our part number “1315″ on the front with dropped coil springs (2″). If you have a factory coil use our part number “1415″ (different lengths). On the rear we used our number 1800 and used some hardware (mounting bolts & nuts, washers) for the rear. That was all done over 10 years ago and nowhere can I find the actual hardware list, but it was common stuff! Sorry, I have looked everywhere and threatened everyone and still no luck!

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Spindles or Control Arms for my Silverado?

Submitted on 2011/12/12 at 9:30 am I am wanting to drop my 2007 silverado ext cab 2wd 4/7. I have checked on prices through summit and it’s like $700. They suggested spindles w a flip kit n the rear and I read you sell the kit with control arms and yours is cheaper. If any,…Continue Reading

What about shocks with a 3/3 kit on my Tahoe

Submitted on 2011/11/14 at 3:36 pm I am considering your 3/3 lowering kit for my 2001 tahoe. From what I have managed to figure out the rear uses shorter springs which implies shorter shocks than stock. What about the front? Are shorter shocks required? Thanks for your help Submitted on 2011/11/15 at 1:40 pm |…Continue Reading