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Can I lower my 95 4WD Tahoe?

Submitted on 2011/10/03 at 9:23 am

I am interested in lowering my 1995 chevy tahoe 4wd was wonderin if you have any kits available for this truck and was thinking maybe a 3 to 4 inch drop if possible.


Submitted on 2011/10/08 at 1:10 pm | In reply to louis garcia.


We have never lowered a 4WD 95 Tahoe. We have however had customers use our Calmax lower control arms for the 2000 2006 Tahoe/Suburban platform on the 88-98 4WD Silverado trucks. These arms are built for the 2 and 4WD torsion bar front ends of 00-06 Tahoes and Burbs and like I said we have no practical experience using them on your application. The guys who successfully used them on the Silverados are reliable installers so I have no reason to question their integrity, if they say it worked it most likely did. Now I think you probably have the same front end as a 95 4WD Silverado and could probably install the Calmax arms. The rear is the same as a 2WD, we have a 3″ hanger & shackle kit, or a 4″ rear leaf spring flip kit. You can find all these parts on our factory store, control arm part number is CA2001L-3D/CA2001L-3P and the rear numbers are HS1129-3 (hanger/shackle) or FK1029-4D (four door) / FK1029-2D (two door)

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2001 Ford SVT Lighting

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