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I Want to Level a 2011 4X4 Silverado

Hello my name is John and I have a 2011 silverado reg. cab 4×4 with 6000 miles. I want to level the truck off, I have been looking at leveling the front end( 2″ spacers under the front strut mount) but after doing some surfing I came across someone who had mentioned lowering the rear end only! Is this possible and what would I need? Will it affect the ride? Will it need to be aligned when finished?

John L


All you got to do is install a set of 2″ lowering shackles on the rear of the leaf spring and your done. It’s pretty easy, not expensive and you can get the parts right here – DJM Factory Store

The description says up to 2009 should say 2011 sorry.

Good luck, let me know how it goes!

DJM Tech