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2001 Tahoe with a DJM 2/3 drop kit

2001 Chevy Tahoe with a 2/3 Suspension Drop by DJM


DJM’s 2×3 drop kit with torsion bar keys saves the ride and is easy and inexpensive…

Story & photos by Marshall Spiegel

Originally Published in 2001

2001 Tahoe
2001 Tahoe with a DJM 2/3 Drop Kit

During a recent resurrection and beautification of his faithful ’01 Tahoe, the customer sought a very mild drop to achieve a more attractive, aggressive stance. At the customer’s favorite accessory shop, FA Motorsports in Huntington Beach, CA, owner Andy Barger suggested the installation of DJM’s 2X3 drop kit which lowers the front by re-indexing the torsion bars with new torsion bar keys.

“This DJM kit drops the front with torsion bar keys and the rear with coil springs,” explains Barger. “Frankly, it is an easy install and it is relatively inexpensive for the customer. This guy didn’t want to put his Tahoe in the weeds. He simply wanted a mild, inexpensive drop that would leave his vehicle with a more attractive stance. And most importantly, all the reports we’d ever heard on this 2X3 DJM kit and our own testing indicated that the stock ride quality was retained after the installation.”

Unfortunately, the installation of a new, frame lift at FA Motorsports had not been completed by the time the Tahoe was to be lowered. Therefore, the install had to be accomplished on the company’s platform lift. Although installer Josh Bailey got the job done quickly and efficiently, the installation of the DJM drop kit would have been considerably easier on a frame lift.

The Tahoe went from 21 inches in front before the install to 19 ½ inches after the install, a drop of 1 ½ inches, and from 22 inches in front to 18 inches, a 4-inch drop in the rear. And as we anticipated, the stance was greatly improved and the ride quality and handling were not adversely affected.

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The KitThe Kit
This DJM kit includes torsion bar keys for the front, coil springs, trailing arm brackets and swaybar end-links for the rear. All the hardware you need, with instructions
Before MeasurementsBefore Measurements
It is important to measure and record the ride height measurements of your installation before you begin. It gives you a baseline to compare your measurement after you've finished and it can make you aware of any irregularities you may have right from the top. The best way to measure is from the center of the wheel to the lip of the fender well
Rear SwaybarRear Swaybar
Loosen and remove the swaybar end-links, then loosen and remove the hardware for the pivot bushings
Remove the BarRemove the Bar
After all hardware has been removed, pull swaybar out of vehicle
Remove the stock bumpstop and set aside. You will modify it later
Loosen and remove the hardware on the lower shock mount
Remove TireRemove Tire
Remove the drivers side wheel/tire
Coil SpringCoil Spring
Using a floor jack to support the rear end, lower until you can remove the spring. Make sure there is no load on the coil spring before you attempt to remove it
Spring ComparisonSpring Comparison
Here is the factory coil (right side) compared to the DJM engineered lower coil
Spring InstallSpring Install
Drivers side lowering coil being installed
Bump Stop ModBump Stop Mod
Using a standard issue hack saw, the factory bumpstops were shortened to allow a little more travel
A Cut StopA Cut Stop
This is what the bump stop looks like after the mod
Install the stopInstall the stop
Install the modified bump stop in it's original location
Shock MountsShock Mounts
It's time to attach the lower shock mounts and secure the springs in place
Install the BarInstall the Bar
Now that everything else is installed and secure it's time to install the swaybar using the new shorter end-links included with the kit
Wheels back onWheels back on
Now the wheel and tires are installed
Trailing ArmsTrailing Arms
The trailing arm bolts are loosened
New bracketNew bracket
The new trailing arm brackets are installed to move the trailing arms down away from making contact
Torsion BarsTorsion Bars
Here the torsion bars tension (or load) is being relieved or lightened on the passenger side in order to get to the factory "key"
Torsion BarsTorsion Bars
Same for the drivers side
Preparing to removePreparing to remove
Josh raises the front slightly with a "bottle" jack
New keys installedNew keys installed
He then removes the stock torsion bar keys and re-indexes the torsion bars with the new DJM torsion bar keys.
After MeasurementsAfter Measurements
Measuring the new ride height indicates a drop of 1 ½ inches in front and 4 inches in the rear.

The DJM lowering kit resulted in a mild "normal driving style" drop, the '01 Tahoe exhibited a greatly improved stance and retained its ride quality exactly.

21 Responses to 2001 Tahoe with a DJM 2/3 drop kit

  1. ok. now that im ready to order,I’m not able to find a complete kit just shock hangers springs, and keys are the sway bar extensions ordered separate?

  2. I’m zeroed in on this for my 01 tahoe.
    what are the specifics on the wheels, and tire, and offset numbers on the ride featured. im sold once i know those numbers.

    • Jeremy,

      Sorry for the late reply, trouble with the notification from the site;( I don’t know the specific numbers on that wheel and tire combo, also can’t find anyone who knows either, sorry. But I can say this, with this 2/3 drop stick to factory offset and the original factory wheel and tire outside diameter and you can use anything that fits those 2 rules. Good Luck, and send a picture!!


    • Don,

      There are not any specific kits or parts to lower a 99 4WD Tahoe. But, and this an educated guess the front lower control arms or torsion bar keys for the 2000 – 2006 may work on your 99.The rear parts will not work for sure, but you might just luck out on the front. Now I do not guarantee those part will work, just saying I think there’s a good chance. For the rear it is the same as a 992WD. If you feel brave here is link to the 00-06 parts! Let me know what you do and how it works!!


  3. Hello, I have a 1995 2 door 4×4 tahoe and i want to lower it a little to a more performance feel but I don’t know what I should buy? I’ve got 22’s on it now.

  4. Hi there i have a 03 tahoe 4×4 and i want to lower the rear to level out with the front. I dont know what kit to buy because it seems the 2/3 kit drop just seems too low. I wanna still be able to tow with it and not have it sag or rub since it is sitting on 24″inch wheels.

  5. I did a 3/4 drop on my tahoe jux torsion keys and lowering springs…my problem is after the installation my tahoe on the highway is very jumpy and rocks side to side….what could be the problem????

    • Jose,

      Based on what you’ve said I am thinking the front is too low with torsion keys alone and you don’t have enough spring rate and suspension travel for your Tahoe to behave. Did you install a rear hardware kit with the rear coil springs?


  6. Hello DJM techs. I just purchased a 2003 Chevy Tahoe Z71. I put 26×10 inch wheels on it and want to do a 2/3 drop for a perfect stance. What do you recommend? I still want a smooth ride, tow if I want and my kids to be comfortable in the rear when I drive. Do you have a kit to help me with that? Thank you!

    • S. Turner

      The 2/3 kit is the best choice for ride quality and towing. If you go lower the ride in the back will suffer. Your 26″ wheels might be an issue though, if the overall diameter of your wheel and tires is the same as factory overall diameter (wheel & tires) your gold. If it is bigger then at some point you may have some issues with contact (assuming offset is correct). Being conservative is a very good plan for the way you want to use your Tahoe! end me a picture!!


  7. I bought a similar drop kit as this one and when it was dropped all around and went for a little cruise the tea lifted back up any ideas why nd by the way te shock extenders aren’t in yet could that be the problem I still have factory shocks

    • Carlos,

      If your Tahoe has the “load leveling” shocks they may be lifting the rear back to what they think is the proper ride height. They can be adjusted or fooled into a lowered position by modifying the control rods that tell the shock if the suspension is up or down from normal. If you don’t have that feature I am as curious as you!


  8. i have a 3/5 drop on my 2002 tahoe started with torsion keys in front then redid with djm lower control arms (very nice) my problem is that i have broken 2 sets of shocks that were recommended by another company at normal ride hieght it seems to have to little travel what twintube shocks do you recommend to cure this problem my measurments are 12 1/2 inches from stem mount to lower loop

  9. DJM,

    I read somewhere when I bought this kit for my 2003 Tahoe that if I didn’t like the rear ride height, you would swap them with the springs that are for Suburbans. I love the look, but the utility (load carrying capability) has gone away. I can’t even carry my kids and their friends without bottoming out. I even cut the factory bump stops off of the frame and installed aftermarket ones that are an inch or less thick. Is there any way you can help me out?

    • Seth,

      Sounds like you have the Suburban springs now! If you do, what you need are the 3″ Tahoe rear springs part number CS2000R-3. Can you verify what spring part number you have now?

      DJM Tech

  10. Hello there DJM tech support I hope all is well. Last month I purchased the DJM 2/3 drop kit for my 2002 Tahoe z71. The kit included the rear 3inch drop springs, torsion keys for the front and at the same time I went ahead and purchased shock extenders for the rear. The stance came out great just what I wanted and the install was easy to complete on my own which I was happy about. After the install I went ahead to get a wheel alignment and this is where I ran into issues. I have to much negative camber on my front passenger wheel that I can not adjust anymore the setting is maxed out. The front driver’s side is fine it’s just the passenger tire that I have this issue. I ended up cranking the front up about a half inch to try and make it work which it did help but the issue is still there. I will be going through tires in no time or at least one front tire. Have you heard of this issue and is there a fix? The truck is all original besides the drop and tires. Never in an accident either. I really don’t want to take the kit out but all my friends on my truck forums have stated you guys can help and will help.

    Please let me know what I need to do to get this issue resolved.

    Thanks so much in advance!!

    • Vincent,

      Thanks for buying DJM Suspension we know you have other choices and we appreciate your business. Your alignment situation is not normal. To have one side radically different than the other alignment wise might indicate a truck that is not “square”, or may been damaged in some way. It does not have to have been in an accident it could be as simple as a nasty pothole sometime that could have bent something slightly. I am assuming the truck is level from side to side, if it is low on the passenger side try to adjust the low side up, which would reduce negative camber. Another possible fix could be using upper control arms that we build for lower drop kits that help get rid of the negative camber that naturally occurs when you lower. If you can photograph the upper control arm mounts so we can see how your adjustment is set. We will get you set up right if we can!

      DJM Tech

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