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Edge Products 2008 SEMA Sierra with DJM’s 5/7 Calmax Drop

Edge Products puts a 5/7-drop on their 08 GMC Sierra for the SEMA show!

Edge Products Company develops and manufactures performance modules and programmers that enhance engine performance. What gives Edge –“the Edge”- in performance is their modules and programmers unique ability to monitor performance. Edge products can display multiple engine parameters right in the cab. Real time performance monitoring. When they decided to use a brand new 2008 GMC Sierra to show off their very cool hardware at the 2008 SEMA Show they called DJM Suspension for help setting up the Sierra with a high performance lowering suspension that complements their performance modules. They chose a CALMAX 5/7 drop for project SEMA Sierra.


First this project Sierra was fitted with the Edge Evolution programmer for gas powered GM trucks and SUVs. The Evolution programmer adds four levels of performance, refreshes the factory looking display in seconds as power levels change, works as a scan tool, and you can update the Evolution over the internet in seconds. For more info and specifications go to This wolf in sheep’s clothing was dropped off at ALL PRO AUTO and OFF ROAD in Westhaven Utah to see if they could make it look more like the wolf it really is.
Calmax Suspension systems by DJM are considered the best complete, lowering suspensions by most who care about lowering, and the reason Edge Products wanted their Sierra to have one. The pictures that follow show the process as All Pro Auto installs the DJM 5/7-drop kit. DJM designed this Calmax kit with both upper and lower control arms that give the Sierra a 5 inch front drop that was aligned to factory specs when completed. The Calmax arms installed on project SEMA Sierra sport urethane pivot bushings with twin tube sleeves. What were talking about here is optimizing performance. The Edge Evolution adds horsepower and torque, the Calmax arms don’t waste any of it by allowing the pivot points in the suspension to deflect (squish) during acceleration, deceleration, cornering. Rubber bushings used by the factory will actually change shape (squish) under stress (cornering, braking, etc.). The urethane used by DJM practically eliminates this problem. When the rubber changes shape, your control arms actually move out of alignment, lets say during hard cornering, giving you less control when you need it most. You still have your factory strut (spring & shock) with the full measure of travel designed by GM. You get all this performance with a smooth factory ride. What a combo! Click here to find out more about Calmax Control Arms. The seven-inch rear kit is a simple and sturdy installation. Using DJM’s exclusive axle brackets, spring plates and massive u-bolts you simply move the axle from beneath the leaf spring to on top! Follow the instructions your done, that’s it!


16 Responses to Edge Products 2008 SEMA Sierra with DJM’s 5/7 Calmax Drop

  1. Im wanting to slam my 2007 yukon 2wd. im putting i have 24s in the front and 26s in the rear I want the wheels to have a tuck. im also tubbing the rear and c notching it. where can i find this kit. upper arms lower arms spindle and the rear flip kit. ive googled but nothing this low

    • Barry,

      I don’t know what wheel & tire combo is on that Silverado. You may be able to find out from Edge, here’s a link to their site! DJM provided the suspension kit and Edge had it installed locally (Utah) and the truck went directly to the SEMA show.


  2. What shocks are on the truck. I have a 5/8 drop on my 2008 Silverado crew cab need new shocks wanting djm but dont know which ones.


    • Roberto,

      Because the front is a “strut” type and we did not use a lowering coil the factory strut/shock was used. On the rear our part number 2100 were installed. Hoe have you lowered your Silverado?


  3. I got a 4″ in the front ans a 7″ drop in the back , it’s upper nd lower control arms nd flip kit in the back , why did my alignment get out of place?

    • Hunberto,

      By dropping your truck that much it will radically effect your alignment. You can get proper alignment with our 4/7 kit, you should take it to an alignment shop which knows lowered trucks. If you simply disassembled and re-assembled the front end using the same parts you would need to have the alignment set because things would not be in the same position any more. Don’t worry just get an alignment and your good to go!!


    • Matthew,

      No one can remember the wheel size on the Edge Truck, however the rule of thumb is if you don’t get any bigger than the factory wheel & tire overall diameter you will be okay. Our 07 Sliverado here has a 4/6 with the factory wheels and tires which measure at 30.75″ overall. So if your running say 35 or 40 series tires your probably fine. Send us a picture!


  4. hey i wanna know what i can buy to get my front alignment straight. the shop told me it’s just a bit off. I have the 4 inch front control arm djm.

  5. Hi I’m currently working on my o8 Silverado regular cab I’m doing a whole front suspension swap I would like this 5 inch drop. Can I please have the part numbers or the kit number, also I need front sway-bar and rear sway bar part# and rear shocks.


    • Carlos,

      Here is a link to our factory site for our 4″ front kit. We do not have a 5″ kit for the front. Our shock part number for the rear is #2100 if your using a 5,6,or 7″ rear kit. A 2200 if your end up using a 3 or 4″ rear kit. You can also get the performance Calmax Anti-Sway Bars here and hereThanks!

      DJM Tech

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