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Motorz TV – DJM Partz

Motorz TV a TV and internet car show has featured a DJM Calmax Tahoe/Suburban lowering kit on their Partz segment.

Thank You to Chris and the guys at Motorz TV!!

Check it out!

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  1. i am trying to drop my 67 ford f100 short bed truck , i already have “20” inch rims on it but need to know what low beam i need to get for the front 3 inches ??

    • Hi Tracy,

      Glad to hear your working on a 67 F100! Here is a link to the best kit for you. You will get a 3″ drop in the front with I-beams and a 4″ rear drop using leaf drop spring hangers and shackles. Would love to see a picture when your done!!


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