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Lowering your project truck or SUV should be fun and rewarding. Most lowering kit parts are not difficult to install and can be done with common tools. With this in mind, sometimes a special tool or some “inside” knowledge can make your installation experience easier. Use the search box to see if your particular question has been discussed, or send your question to We’ll get on it right away and keep you crankin!

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  1. I’m wanting to drop a 2005 s-10 blazer 2wd 4/4 using 2″ Bell Tech spindles up front and DJM 4″ blocks in back. Is there anyone making a 2″ drop lower control arm or is my only option going with 2″ springs to get the 4″ drop up front?

    • Greg,

      Your best bet for a 4″ drop is to combine a set of 2″ drop coil springs with the Bell Tech spindles. Using spindles and control arms on the same truck causes more trouble than it’s worth. Click here for s link to coil springs!


  2. Hi, I have a 2005 Ford F-350 Dually Crew Cab Long Bed. I wanna do the 3″/5″ lowering kit. My question is, will there be any cutting or welding to my frame on the rear of the truck ? Thanks.

    • Cesar,

      All the parts in the 3/5 kit are bolt on! In the front you remove and replace the I-beams. On the rear you will need to remove the rivets holding the factory leaf spring hanger (front of the leaf spring) which is as close to cutting as you will get. These rivets can be a real bear to get out but after you do you simply bolt the new hangers on. Remove and replace the rear leaf spring shackle (back of leaf spring) and your done. The installation is not technically difficult but the parts are big and heavy and can be a lot of work to complete. When your done though, you will love the new stance your F-350 has! Send us a picture!!


  3. I have a 2000 GMC Ext. Cab 1500. I want to use the 3″ control arms and 4″ shackles and hangers. Can I run a 275/45-20 tire and it still clear and not rub?

    • Joel,

      You should be able to use the 3″ control arms with your wheel and tire combo! Sorry for the late reply, been on the road!

      DJM Tech

  4. Hi guy. I’m 16 and if been working my but off to do stuff to my Gmc Canyon reg. cab that I recently bought with my own money. My ride is not mommy funded lol. K so now to the point. I’m a member in the 355nation forum and there is a guy selling me you all DJM 4″ angled blocks but it comes with out u bolts and lock nuts. Is there a way I can order the u bolts and nuts from y’all??? Thanks for the help

    • Hey Reuben,

      You can order a bolt kit directly from us for about $19 that will have everything you need to install your 4″blocks! Give us a call at 310-538-1583.

      DJM Tech

  5. Your mailbox is full!
    Hi Folks!

    I installed a DJM 4/5 drop (currently 5/5) on my 2008 ford ranger xl 4cyl single cab last year and every time i really lay onto the gas, there is a grinding noise from somewhere under the truck, sounds like the driveshaft hitting or driveshaft now possibly too long and its the u joints going out of whack. Has anyone else complained of this? do i need to shim the rear dif or do i have to drop or raise it more? there are no signs of wear under there so im sorta stumped. i love the set up and think the ride is great except for this grinding noise. As well i have checked the flip kit twice and know its installed correctly.

    Any help or ideas would really be appreciated!



    • Keith,

      Did you install the axle bracket with the leaf spring center bolt hole to the rear? Having it towards the front could make your drive shaft too long!

      DJM Tech

    • Dan ,

      I am sorry to report that at this time we have not developed any parts to lower your 2011 2500 4WD. This doesn’t mean it won’t happen but as of now we have not. Thanks for checking with us!!

      DJM Tech

  6. 96 Chevy 1500 Ext-cab 2wd, 2-4 spindle drop from another company. Will your 2 inch control arms work with the dropped spindles on my truck? And if I decide to put a rear flip kit on, do I need to reinstall the factory hangers and shackles?

    • Carl,

      As a general thing spindles and control arms are not a good combination, some have done it but usually for show only. If you want to get a 4″ drop in the front I would recommend a set of 2″ coil springs with your spindles! Regarding the rear, you are right, you need to install your factory hangers and shackles and then install the flip kit for a 6″ drop!

      DJM Tech

  7. Hello, I have a 2005 Tahoe with the factory AutoRide suspension. Is it possible to lower this vehicle with out replacing the shocks. If so, how much? I would like to lower it 3/5. Your online catalog does not distinguish. Thank you for your time.

    • Adrian,

      We build a 2/2, 2/3, or 3/3 kit for your Tahoe. A 3/5 drop is not recommended because it rides very poorly! If you drop 2″ in the rear you can use your factory shock by recalibrating or “fooling” it into thinking it is at the correct ride height after lowering. At 3″ of drop you might want to think about changing the shock to a shorter one because you just run out of stroke on the factory shock.

      DJM Tech

  8. Hey guys.. I have a 99 dakota r/t i put your 3 inch control arms on and they are awesome. My question is do yal sell a sway bar link that is supposed to work with these control arms. I used my factory ones and they just don’t seem right. Also i lowered the rear with 3 inch blocks and my bump stops are sitting on my rear axle making my ride TERRIBLE. What do i do to fix this? shorter shocks? Do i need to c-notch the frame?

    • Adam,

      We have a “generic” type endlink that might work better for you. In the rear we would recommend a 19″ fully extended shock length to work with your lowering job adn we do have a “C-notch” kit for your Dakota if you think that’s the way to go! Give us a call at 310-538-1583 and we can talk to you to see what the best way to help you is!

      DJM Tech

  9. SRT-10 Ram, calmax suspension, lowering pockets.
    When using your 3 inch drop, can I still use my stock 22″ wheels?


    • Adam,

      As a rule we have to say the 3″ arms can cause problems in the fender well when you run the factory 22’s. They are such a big wheel and tire combo that they very often contact the fender with the 3″ arm. You don’t need tp drop very much to close the fender gap with the 22’s and most guys run the 2″ arms with the factory 22’s!

      DJM Tech

  10. I am considering your 3/3 lowering kit for my 2001 tahoe. From what I have managed to figure out the rear uses shorter springs which implies shorter shocks than stock. What about the front? Are shorter shocks required? Thanks for your help.

    • Eric,
      The front is lowered by using Calmax lower control arms, this does several good things for you, it gives you a 3″ drop while maintaining your factory torsion bar setting, does this while retaining factory alignment and allows you to upgrade your front shocks. The factory shocks have a very unusual lower mount that restricts what shocks can be used on your Tahoe, using the Calmax arms the lower shock mount is is a “typical” type mount that gives many more choices when it comes to shocks. Of course we recommend our Calmax SuperShox but with the arms any good shock, the correct length, will install with out trouble!

      DJM Tech

  11. I have an 81 F-100 4×2 short flareside and need to know
    easiest way to use your 84-86 DB 3003-3 beams and still retain my early F-100 4.5 bolt circle rotors and
    brakes. For example, can my kingpin 81 spindles be
    machined to take the 3003-3 ball-joint axles ?

    I would like to know if I have to use the big/ugly
    and clunky 5.5 big rotors and brakes before I purchase
    the 3003-3 kit. Thanks,

    • Chic,

      Thanks for your question, it’s not easy for guy’s with 80/81/82 F100’s to find lowering parts! Lets start with your king pin beams, are they the same length or unequal lenght? Knowing that will help wit what to do next!!

      DJM Tech

      • Chic,

        Our 83-86 beams are unequal length beams with the ball joints mounted in the beams. Guy’s have been able to use this part with a 83 and up spindle and I think you are right they are 4.5 on 5. Let us know how you are able to solve your issue so we can help other guy’s!

        DJM Tech

  12. I tried emailing the address you give on the website and it came back as undeliverable. Here’s the content of the email…

    I ordered what was supposed to be a “DJM Suspension leaf spring shackle kit” to fit a 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 dually from a Car Parts vendor on E-Bay. They sent me part #SH1092, which included DJM suspension installation for a 2002-2010 Dodge 1500. But I can’t find that part number on your website. I understand this is no fault of DJM Suspension, I just wanted to verify that what I was sent was the wrong part. No way do these things look like they are heavy enough, or long enough for the application. I just wanted to verify that before I reply back to the vendor. That’s what I get for going through E-Bay I guess.
    Next time I’ll just cut the middle man out and go straight to the company that makes the stuff. Do you offer a correct rear lowering kit for my application? I’m pulling the bottom 1” spring plate out of the pack and was hoping to get another 1.5” of drop from the shackle to level it out a little more since I’ve got about 5” of rack now. I also plan to install a set of 5k bags on the truck for pulling heavy loads. Any thoughts or suggestions?

    Thank you for any assistance, advice, or funny jokes you can provide on the subject. Hope you and yours have a great weekend!


    • Dave,

      Sorry about the late reply, as you know with the e-mail we had some technical issues because we changed servers for the site and the email and comments got all balled up for awhile. You have discovered we don’t make a shackle for your 3500, the SH1092 is a short lifting shackle for a Dodge to help a sagging rear end. Removing the overload is going to give some drop but might cause grief if you carry a heavy load. We don’t make a shackle specifically for your Ram 3500 but we do make a big heavy shackle for Fords that have a 3″ wide leaf spring. Do you have a 3″ wide leaf spring? Let me know and the length of your factory shackle maybe we can figure something out!

      DJM Tech

    • Greggory,

      Sorry about the late reply, we changed servers for the site and the comments got lost for awhile! The closest drop to the 5/7 for your Ram is a 3/5. To go 5/7 on your Ram would require more than bolt on parts and some custom modifications to get your alignment right!

      DJM Tech

  13. Hey guys what’s up! We have a 93 chevy c1500 fullsize pickup, we already have your 3/4 drop on it, but not as low as we wanted in the rear I see…so what do you guys have to add to the drop or do we need to buy a whole different kit for the rear? The front of the truck is lower than the rear where you can really notice it. Just wondering if we should like I said buy maybe lowering springs to add to the rear or just buy a flip kit for the rear? We also messed up and bought toxic shocks also!!! never again lol

    • Rick,

      To get any more drop from the rear you’ll need to put your stock hangers and shackles back on and use a 6″flip kit. If that drops a little too much you can then lift it with a “shorty” shackle and net about 5″ of drop!

      DJM Tech

  14. Logan,

    If you don’t want to change shocks then you need to install 2″ Calmax Control Arms which uses the factory spring and shock for a 2″ front drop. For the rear 4″ drop use a Hanger/Shackle kit HS2599-4 and you use your factory shocks. (It is recommended to use a shorter shock with the rear kit but not an absolute)

    DJM Tech

  15. i have a 2006 2wd standard cab shortbed silverado i want to do a 2/4 drop or go as low as i can without buying new shocks. i do not know what products i need to get since most places i look seem to not have products for my vehicle. could you please tell me what products ill need to get to obtain a 2/4 drop…

  16. i have a 1994 s10 pick up it has 3inch blocks on it now but they are corroding,i just got a set from a friend but his at the top are on an angle he said they were for a 1997 s10 can i still use these on my truck?????????????

    • Eric,

      Cast aluminum and salt don’t mix well and could be what’s happening to your 3″ blocks. The blocks you got from your friend are 4″ blocks if they have a angle on the top and, they will fit your S-10 if they are the same width as your 3″ blocks. Good luck!

      DJM Tech

  17. Im putting a 2/4 drop on my 2001 stepside silverado and I have 18inch wheels what would be the best tire size for this right now it has 285/60/18

    • Ed,

      With a 2/4 kit and 18″wheels you can use any tire you like. Keep in mind that low aspect ratio (exmp. 40 series) ride rougher than a 50 + series, and you can go too wide causing alignment irregularities to be exposed, weird tire wear, funny handling etc. Enjoy shopping for your new tires!

      DJM Tech

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