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Adam Hinde’s Silverado

Adam Hinde’s 2007 Silverado

Adams Silverado Before the Drop
Adams Silverado Before the Drop

Adam Hinde started with his 2007 Silverado sporting a Z85 suspension and a factory trailer hitch. He also started with black 22” wheels, which he decided to replace with factory 20” wheels wearing 275/55/20 Goodyear’s. A strange move your thinking, but it gave Adam more tire options at cheaper prices, and his choice will perform as good as any bigger wheel/tire combo while giving him a better ride! And Adam being a wise and cagy enthusiast, put a DJM Calmax 3/5 kit on his Silverado to get that “stance”, the stance when combined with performance wheels and tires give his truck a muscled, aggressive, look. The Calmax upper and lower control arms in the front bring it down three inches, while keeping the stock coil and strut, keeping the factory suspension travel, and using factory alignment numbers! We mentioned the trailer hitch earlier because most trucks come with them, and on the 07 and up Silverado’s it is very handy to remove the hitch when installing the 4, 5 or 6 inch rear kit. This provides much better access to the leaf spring shackle mounting brackets. Adam chose not to install his hitch after he was done but you can, and many do.  DJM offers 3”, 4”, 5”, 6” and 7-inch rear kits for the new Silverado’s to match up with the 2, 3, and 4-inch front drops. To quote Adam “I went with the 3/5 DJM kit, everything is nice, tight, and makes for an awesome ride”

Adams Silverado With the Calmax Kit
Adams Silverado With the Calmax Kit

Adam has also upgraded his engine performance by increasing the airflow with an Airaid intake and throttle body kit. The way the air enters your engine is important and can be managed to improve both horsepower and fuel efficiency. The Airaid cold air intake systems utilize a synthetic air filter coupled to plumbing that improves and directs air right to the custom throttle body which causes the air to spin and increase velocity as it enters the engine, optimizing performance. The synthetic filter is easy to keep clean and the system works well. Adding to his performance management, Adam also installed an Edge Power Programmer. These programmers do a lot of very cool things, how about up to 40hp and 38 ft/lbs of torque, or displays engine performance in real time on a factory looking display, improves power output and mpg and installs easily and quickly. All this increased performance needs to flow through and escape without being restricted and that’s where the Flowmaster 40 Series exhaust comes in. Dubbed “American Thunder” the 40 series is the most aggressive sounding street and strip muffler in Flowmasters line. Flowmaster themselves describe the 40 series as “generating extreme interior resonance within the vehicle. If you want to really hear your exhaust system inside as well as outside your vehicle the 40 series is for you”! Well there you go, Style, Power, and Performance!

A Side View of Adams Silverado
A Side View of Adams Silverado

Adam used 3:73 gears in his Silverado, this gives him quickness at the line without losing to much overall mpg. This is also a very popular towing gear. The guys who tow high end fishing boats seem to agree the 3:73 gear package is the best for towing. To be really quick off the line use a higher gear set like the factory 4:10 rear end, this also is good for towing very heavy stuff. Your gas mileage suffers, and the rpm’s go up though, not a good combo for the highway. The lower number gear sets (like 3:42, 2:73) are more popular for getting better gas mileage and are great for cruising. The terms higher and lower can get a little confusing when referring to rear-end ratios. If someone changes to a higher gear ratio they are actually changing to a numerically lower ratio. If you were to swap a 2.93:1 gear set with a 3.42:1 gear set you would be switching to a lower gear even though the ratio of driveshaft turns to turns of the wheel is higher. If you swap a 3.42:1 with a 2.93:1 you are switching to a higher ratio. I don’t how high ended up meaning low numerically or low ended up meaning high numerically, but they do. And like fine tuning engine performance, or custom alignment set ups you can change gear sets to optimize performance to satisfy your requirements and conditions

Without spending a fortune Adam has turned a box stock Silverado into a great looking, great handling, performance ride. It is exactly what Adam wanted, he did it himself, and so can you!

8 Responses to Adam Hinde’s Silverado

  1. i want to ask you sir
    i have Silverado 2011 LT 2 door
    6 speed
    my truck gears 3.42 and i want to swap it to 3.73 is there any difference
    and do you prefer this size i mean 3.73
    final what should i swap only gears or something else

    • Mike,

      That’s a little out of my area of expertise;) But from what I hear going to the 3.73 gear set is the most popular choice!


    • Jon,

      Adam used the DJM2507-3/5 click here to see, on his truck! Just scroll down the page till you get to the DJM2507-3/5 kit (3″ front /5″ rear)!!


  2. I have a 2011 Chevy Silverado 2 Wheel Dr. crew cab. I am using DJM’s suspension kit 4/6 drop. I have a question concerning tire and wheel size… I want to use 20 x 8 front , 20 x 10 rear wheels… Can you offer me a suggestion on the largest front and rear tires that I can comfortably use that will not have any rubbing problems , also the offset on the wheels will be stock as suggested by DJM.

    • Carl,

      The best way for me to answer this question is to refer to what we know for a fact. If you stick to the original overall diameter and offset of the factory wheel and tire combination then you can use any wheel/tire combo you want! We know this because we have done all R&D with all our kits with factory wheel and tires. So if you go a plus 1 or a plus 2 in a wheel/tire combo you good. If you want to increase the diameter then at some point you will have some contact issues, this holds true with wheel width and offset. I can’t you tell exactly when bad things will start to happen because we have not seen all the different wheel and tire combo’s that are out there. A good wheel and tire shop would be a better resource than me! Just be careful about going too big!! Good Luck.


  3. I have 2013 LTZ Silverado 4door short bed. I want to put a 3/5 drop on it and still be able to haul my loaded down 20ft enclosed trailer and 21ft bassboat. Will this be possible.

    • Chris,

      Yes you can still haul like it is stock! It’s all about tongue weight and suspension travel. If your trailer is well balanced and you have only a little tongue weight then you will lose only a little suspension travel. If you have a large amount of tongue weight you will also lose much more suspension travel and you will have a rough riding poorly balanced towing situation. You have only limited options regarding your tongue weight, but you do have good choices to help you maintain suspension travel. In many cases a weight distributing hitch can be set up in a way to offset excessive tongue weight and balance your entire towing rig, these work very well even if your not lowered. You can also use a helper airbag system designed to pump you up to normal ride height providing proper suspension travel while your loaded. Let us know what you choose to do and how it works!


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