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Colton Tompkins 2008 Silverado

Colton Tompkins Installs a DJM Calmax 4/6 Suspension System

Colton Tompkins Silverado with 4/6 Calmax KitIn October of 2008 17-year-old Colton Tomkins began his project 2008 Silverado. In the beginning the windows were tinted, and a Grillcraft grill insert was installed.

Next the Silverado was shod with a set of 22 x 9.5 Hoyo wheels sporting 305/40/22 Kumho Ecsta tires. After some time Colton thought this truck needed to be leveled and installed a pair of DJM shackles to do the job. The Silverado was level all right but still sat too high. He didn’t want a pre-runner or off road look so Colton decided to work hard and save his earnings for a more radical drop.  Working at a local paint and body shop Colton was able to paint out some of the bumper pieces, painted and installed door handles and mirror covers. He continued the modifications by de-badgeing the truck and “color matching” the center sections of the bumpers. Colton decided to go back to the chrome OEM grill and color match the “bowtie”, tint down the taillights and the third brake light. Now were getting somewhere, but still to high Colton thought.

Colton's Stock Height SilveradoAs a young man the day you graduate from High School is a tremendous sense of accomplishment, and well freedom. In Colton’s case it also meant that with graduation gifts from family and friends, and some savings he could buy the DJM Calmax 4/6 kit to correct that pesky height issue.

And before moving on to college Colton and his pals installed the DJM kit with a Street Scene roll pan and a factory fog light kit to finish the first phase of mods. Colton’s off at school now but plans a stereo upgrade and some more custom painting, using the skills he learned while working at the paint and body shop. We hope Colton will keep us informed on all the new modifications he makes, and good job so far!

Colton's Silverado with Street Scene and DJM products

4 Responses to Colton Tompkins 2008 Silverado

  1. Thanks mark!!! Im running 22×9 rims. Foose rims to be exact. Im still doing research. And can the stock coils still be used with the kit?

    • Luis,

      The suspension kit is designed around the factory coils so no problem! Good luck with your project and don’t forget to send us some pictures!!


  2. Did this drop rub on 305/40r/22’s? Just wanting to know before purchasing future drop components and then having to go back to my current drop kit. Thanks!

    • Luis,

      According to Colton he had no issues with the combo. But always be careful, it is very hard to know for sure without seeing with your own eyes!!


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