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2003 Chevy Tahoe Lowered with DJM Parts

Dropped Family Tahoe


Hey guys,


Just wanted to let you know about my 2003 Chevrolet Tahoe that I just used the DJM Suspension kit on. First off we bought the Tahoe in 2007 with under 50K. My family has really enjoyed the truck but in 2009 I started playing with it. Complete Flowmaster exhaust and a Airaid throttle body spacer went on first. Then I installed a K&N cold air intake and Hypertech programmer with the Hypertech 160 degree power stat. A larger mass air sensor soon came afterwards and then being the owner of D&S Auto Service in McDonough, GA I changed the injectors in the 5.3 and installed 6.0 ones in the Vortec engine. We use the Tahoe as a daily driver so I wanted it to be fairly dependable and that is why I have not went into the engine just yet. I work on a lot of Hot Rods here at my shop so naturally I am an American Racing Torq-Thrust junkie!!!!!! Everything I own has those wheels on it so naturally I had to install a set of 20″x8.5″ Torq-Thrust ST’s on the Tahoe. It rode great but with the addition of the 20″ wheel it sat way to high. Earlier this year I decided to lower the Tahoe and being a “Old School” Hot Rodder I wanted to have the best ride and still use it daily as a driver and to be able to pull a car hauler for our Mach 1 Mustang. I researched all kits available and decided to go with the DJM kit. Now I have used Bell Tech stuff for years but the quality is not what it used to be back in the late 80’s early 90’s. I called Godfather’s Customs here in Decatur,GA. and ordered the 2″-3″ kit. After I received it I installed it last weekend. You can see in the photos how much of a difference it made not only in the handling but it rides so much better it is unreal. THANKS for putting out such a good product and I will recommend your products and push to sell them in my shop!!!!!! Maybe our truck is worthy to put on the website!!! Thanks again!!

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  1. I have a 2000 suburban with 285/75/16 Michilins (jumbo!)
    I want to lower it 2″/3″ also want better shocks.
    Are Bilsteins sweet? is your DJM fairly easy to install?
    Also I have air bags for the rear coils if I need a little extra when pulling the boat(5000lb)


    • Steve,

      Been away from the computer for a holiday sorry for taking this long! A 2/3 drop is pretty easy and will not affect your ride quality! If your budget allows you to buy Bilsteins, good for you, there very hard to beat. Our 2/3 kit is torsion bar keys in the front and coil spring with shock extenders, (our coils are shaped like the factory parts so you can use air bags in them). Good luck!


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