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OIC’s C-10

OIC’s 1979 Project C10

OIC's Project C-10
OIC's Project C-10

Springfield Ohio is home to “The Opportunities Industrialization Center of Clark County” or OIC. OIC is a private, non-profit organization that has helped over 45,000 people by teaching them to “help themselves”. For 33 years OIC has been actively working to help low income and disadvantaged youths to learn by doing and this Project 1979 Chevy C-10 is one example of their fine work. DJM was honored to be able to help and through our good friends atStylin Trucks in Independence Ohio we provided a 3/5” lowering kit to help OIC help their kids build this C-10.

Detailed images fo the C-10 Project

At the kids request they purchased a 79 C-10 short bed. The plan was to convert the old C10 into a street rod that would be campaigned at show and shines, and then auctioned at OIC’s annual Breakfast of Champions fundraiser. Under the supervision of a skilled hotrod & chopper designer/builder and using 3” DJM drop spindles and a 5” DJM flip kit the kids gave the C-10 it’s aggressive stylish stance. The kids did all the work from bumper to bumper, and did a great job. Our hats are off to the kids and OIC for a job well done.

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  1. we are lowering a 79 chevy with a lowering kit, we see that the leafspring are over the axle, do they need to under. is the kit nececery.

    • Carlos,

      There are a couple of ways to drop the rear end. You can leave the leaf spring on top of the axle and use hangers & shackles (the leaf spring mounts) to move the leaf spring up on the frame (4″ drop) or you can move the axle from below the leaf spring to on top of the leaf spring (5″ drop ). It all depends on how much you have lowered the front and what kind of a look you want! Either way you go is great as long as you are happy with the stance!

      DJM Tech

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