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Restoration 66

Teaching the Art of Restoration.

Tim Chambers teaches auto-technology for Coastline Regional Occupation Program at Laguna Hills High School. He loves cars, sports cars, classic cars, restoring old cars and the story behind those restored cars, and when I say car, I mean cars, trucks et al! Most of all, he loves to teach kids why.

Restoration 66 is the result of Tim working to acquire a grant, vehicle and vendors to help him teach a lucky group of students the Art of Restoration!

Here is part 1 of the project:


The “Art of Restoration” continues, on April 7 2014 a local group of enthusiast, a magazine editor, and a manufacturer from the restoring custom automobile world met at Laguna Hills High School. Then Mr. Chambers rotated classes in all day to meet and talk to the people involved in the industry of restoration. The environment was enjoyed by everyone! Check it out here!


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  1. so I got the lowering kit for my 65 f100 and the rear shackles hit my bed the truck sits lower in the rear then the front. the king pins didn’t line up with the lock holes. not to happy.

  2. We`re ending the school year in the next week so we`re done with the truck so far. It does run and sounds great! Interior is really close to completion. Please continue to post comments, good or bad. The students have done a fantastic job this year and a new group will be finishing it up next school year. Thanks again for checking us out,I think this will be head turner when done. The build is also on the LeMay Museum Facebook under “Restoration 66” and you can link to the Hagerty Education Program Facebook from the same sight to see more videos and pics. Special thanks to Mark Dunham for all his work on this documentation.

  3. Thanks to the people who have posted comments, like to see more! Tell us what you think of our build. We have built other project cars and see this as another challenge. This our biggest undertaking so far and it`s going well. Seeing the students solving problems as they arise tells me they are taking this very serious and hopefully we can start it before spring break. More pics to come. What you are seeing now are pics from last year when we took it apart – it has paint, interior and an engine in it now.

    • This is a great program, if your a autoshop instructor or have any influence with high school aged education pay attention to what Tim is doing here and try to duplicate it in your area!


  4. I’ll be watching as I am doing the same truck. Different colors but the same. Great atmosphere where they can work and learn together. I wish I had their garage.

  5. Starting kids at a young age on the restoration of classic vehicles, will keep classics on the road for a long time. I had a chance to meet with the classes and talk to the students, I found them eager to soak up all the information they could get a hold of.
    Tim is doing a fantastic job of keeping this hobby alive. And they have the right vehicle to work on. What was once considered “An old farm truck” is now considered a classic and worthy of a restoration or a custom build.
    To the auto classes at Laguna Hills High School and to the Teacher I say “Fantastic Job” Can’t wait to see the conclusion of this build.

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