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What about a 4/7 drop on a Silverado?

Submitted on 2011/09/12 at 3:40 pm

I have a 2007 Silverado regular cab V8 do I have to C-Notch the frame with the 7″ drop? Also do I need different shocks for it. And if I do a 4″ drop in the front do I need different shocks for that too?


Submitted on 2011/09/13 at 3:16 pm | In reply to Constantino Valencia.


Using our 7″ rear drop kit you do not have to “C-notch” the frame, you will however need to remove the factory bump stop mount and replace the bump stop with our urethane part. You will need to run shorter shocks on the rear, and believe it or not you don’t have to on the front. Your Silverado is equipped with McPherson struts in the front and stays completely stock when using Calmax control arms. Here is a link to find out more!

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