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Which Coil Spring?

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Hi there,

I own a 2003 Chevy S-10 extended cab w/ the 4.3L V6. I was wondering if part # CS2321-1 will lower it more than 1″? Other manufacturers make you specify the 2.2 or the 4.3, because their springs lower the 4.3 more than the 2.2. Does your springs do the same thing? I really only want to 1″ lower since I already have a set of spindles installed. Your input to clarify this will be greatly appreciated.


2011/02/18 at 8:15 pm


Our coils were prototyped around the 4cyl “Iron Duke” engine which was the rage in the S-series trucks. Your trying to split a pretty fine hair here. Based simply on the weight difference between the 4cyl and the 6cyl you can expect the 6cyl to come down a little more. How much? Well it depends on the additional accessories for example do you have air conditioning? That compressor is pretty darn heavy! As a practical matter I think our 1″ spring would drop your S-10 around 1.25″ – 1.375″. Of course I could be wrong but if lets say it came down 1.5″ or more it is a fairly simple thing to use a thin spring shim to get back ride height. This is a very common trick to level both cars and trucks, a piece of rubber radiator hose with a 1/4″ wall thickness placed on the either end of the spring will get you about 1/2″ of ride height at the wheel. So in our example above the 1.5″ drop would become a 1″ drop. Its a cheap and effective to dial in ride height perfection

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  1. i am looking to lower my 1979 c1o and looking for suggestions i like the low look and i drive my vehicles so i would like a good ride . i see spindles and lower a arms and i wonder if the arms are the way to go or spindles for the front and a flip kit for the back . i have been told that 5 inch flip does require a cnotch however i see you say not needed . i thank you for any ideas keith

    • Keith,

      We have more choices for your C-10 than any other platform. Click here to see them all. It is true that we don’t require you to “notch” your frame with the 5″ flip, there is plenty of relief above the axle even after the flip (the 89 and up frame is flat and requires a c-notch) so don’t worry about that! If you want to drive every day any of these kits will work, however the more you lower the less travel as a rule and the less ride quality. So really you can do what you want based on your needs. A 3/4 kit with the control arms in the front and the hanger/shackle kit in the rear might be your best bet because in the front, the control arms get you a 3″ drop with the factory spring (no suspension travel loss) and you also get brand new ball joints, bushings, bump stops all installed in the arms when you install on your truck, and the rear kit gives you a 4″ drop with out flipping the rear axle. Totally drivable, alignable and looks great. Let me know what you decide to do, good luck on your project!!


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